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 Welcome to the home page of Bruce & Mieke McIntosh

Page updated May 2010.


This Homepage started out as a grand experiment in 2003 to see if I (Bruce) could actually create a homepage and with my friend Mac's assistance who lives in Tasmania, (ex New Zealander) we seem to have arrived at a point that it makes sense which is amazing in it's self. Mieke and I were married in 1992 and both have children from previous marriages and we make extensive use of the internet for exchanging news, as well Mac and I play online first person shooter games. We are retired and live at Sheridan Lake in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada. Mieke is actively involved in the Log Cabin Quilters group and I keep semi busy running a small business. The one small business is Sheridan Solar Energy Systems which sells and installs Solar Alternative Energy Systems as well I recertify propane tanks.   We live a happy and contented life here at Sheridan lake. We have 5 Grandchildren being Taylor and Logan here in Canada, along with Nicole in Saskatoon.  Jamie has blessed us with another grandchild "Mya" and she is a happy contented child.  William a recent arrival for my son Clayton in Australia. We are fortunate to enjoy occasional visits with the Canadian Grandchildren and we recently had a happy visit with Clayton and William here in Canada.

  Unfortunately for us most of  Mieke's immediate relatives in Holland and Canada have now passed away. We lost our parents some years ago and our dear Mother had a happy healthy life until 90 years of age, we all hope we can achieve this grand old age.

We recently lost my older brother Ross to Cancer (May 2010) and he is terribly missed by us all.

Bea, Mieke's Daughter (short for Beatrice) now lives in Saskatoon with Taylor and Logan her children.

Jamie, Mieke's son lives in Langley.

    We both love to Snowmobile in the winter and Mieke is the fisherperson of the family and indulges her desire for fly-fishing in the summer and Ice fishing through an 8 inch hole in the ice in the winter. Largest catch to date was a 8 1/2 pound Rainbow Trout that she pulled through a 8 inch hole in the ice in 2000.