Male: Free Willy
He is sable in color,born in 2002,a
Canadian from Ontario,energetic
and full of beans.He loves to catch
ball.He is registered with the CKC.
Male: Fritz
He is also sable colored ,but a
Canadian from Alberta,born in 2004.
A sweet and funny,lovable
Dachshund.He likes to steal socks
and slippers and runs with them
like the wind.
Female: Comtess Vanessa Daisy
She is from Montana,born in 2000.
Red in color and she is registered
with the AKC.A really easy going
little Girl.
Female: Eeyore
She is also red in color,but with a
little black in between.Eeyore was
born in 2001 in Quebec.Sometimes
stubborn like a Donkey,but a very
good Mom.
Female : Princess Monique
Monique was born in 2004,she is
from Ontario.A very sweet and
quiet happy Girl.She is registered
with the CKC and sable in color.
She likes to chew on her Rubber
Female : Tiffany Poline was born on
July 15 / 2005 in Slowakia . She is a
robust little girl which knows what
she wants.She likes to pick on the