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Tuesday, December 23, 1997- GameSpot Beta SignUp Today!

GameSpot Beta Over
The GameSpot beta has ended (3 hours ago). It seemed to have gone well, here's what their Beta Center says:

  • StarCraft
    The StarCraft sign-ups have ended. Please do not e-mail us regarding your status. GameSpot is not involved in the selection process. Chosen applicants will hear from Blizzard within the next two weeks.

Beta Notification
It's either you'll be notified tommorow or after Christmas. Personally I prefer after Christmas - more time before I get the let down of not getting in.

WarYard Is Up
I asked Weirdo if the WarYard was down and he said it wasn't. Now when I check it isn't down for me, he must have been updatin' or sumfin :)

Hate Mail Foir Tech-Base
Hahaha. The Tech-Base said something yesterday about there never gonna be any StarCraft for macs (purposely no capital m), now he got a bunch of hate mail for it :) Vlad: Make a hate mail page - why do you think everyone loves Shlonglor? It's because he has a hate mail page man!

GameSpot Is Smmmmoothe
Those guys are smoothe. There site runs like cheap leotards - fast :) I was predictin' it'd be lagged all to heck - but it isn't. Yet at least. Three cheers for GameSpot!

GameSpot Beta
GameSpot is holdin' the final beta signup today: The last 20 spots are up for grabs. Click Here to signup for it.

WarYard Is Down
Poor WarYard. It seems that it is down - unless that's just my Fire-Truckin' ISP, if you know what I mean :) Anyway, lets hope they get back up soon - they're the best!

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