WS_FTP LE for Windows 95/98/NT (X86 Version) Version 5.08 Release Notes for the following applications: WS_FTP LE "classic" user interface Ipswitch, Inc. In This File ============ - WS_FTP LE and WS_FTP Pro Versions - Installation - Installed Files - Uninstalling - Year 2000 Compliance - WS_FTP LE Description - For More Information - Version 5.06 changes - Version 5.07 changes - Version 5.08 changes WS_FTP LE and WS_FTP Pro Versions ================================= The WS_FTP "classic" user interface is available as both WS_FTP Pro and WS_FTP Limited Edition (LE). WS_FTP LE is a shareware version of WS_FTP that is made available free to non-commercial users. Read the WS_FTP LE license for information about free use of the LE version. Note: The help file documents the WS_FTP Pro version, so if you are using the LE version, you will not have some of the features documented. WS_FTP Pro offers the following features not found in the LE version: ∑ You can choose between the "Classic" interface, which is similar to the WS_FTP LE interface, and the "Explorer" interface, which integrates with Windows Explorer. ∑ Technical support is available for WS_FTP Pro. ∑ You can use folders to manage your FTP sites. ∑ You can do remote-to-remote transfers. ∑ Includes WS_FTP Pro Utilities to manage files and automate transfers: WS_FTP Find Utility -- lets users search an FTP site for files that match the userís criteria. WS_FTP Scripting Utility - automates the transfer and management of files by letting you create scripts that use basic FTP commands. WS_FTP Synchronize Utility - allows you to "mirror" folders and directories between your PC and a remote FTP server. ∑ You can perform multiple file transfers using WS_FTP Pro commands from a DOS prompt. ∑ You can use the WS_FTP Pro Development Kit (available separately) to write custom file transfer applications to automate regular uploads or downloads. See the Ipswitch web site at for more information. Installation ============ To install WS_FTP LE, double-click the file you downloaded, accepting the defaults, and following the prompts on your screen. To install WS_FTP LE from a disk: - Insert the WS_FTP LE disk into a disk drive. - If you are running Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0 or later, click the Start button and select Run. If you are running Windows NT 3.51, select Run from the File menu. - Enter the drive letter followed by WS_FTPLE.exe. For example, a:WS_FTPLE.exe. - Choose WS_FTP Installation, when asked. - Follow the instructions on your screen. Installed Files =============== - complete.wav, connect.wav, error.wav - sound files to signal WS_FTP events - ws_ftp95.exe - executable for LE classic interface - ws_ftp.cnt - Table of Contents for online Help - wsftp32.dll - dynamic link library for LE classic interface - ws_ftp.hlp - Online Help topics - uninst.isu - executable file for removing WS_FTP - WhatsNew.txt - Release Notes for all applications - WS_FTP.ini - initialization file Uninstalling ============ The uninstall function removes all files associated with WS_FTP LE from your PC, including your configured sites. To uninstall WS_FTP LE, you can use the Uninstall application that is installed with the product. To do so, click the Start button, select WS_FTP LE, and then select WS_FTP LE Uninstall. To uninstall WS_FTP LE using the original disk: - If you are running Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0 or later, click the Start button and select Run. If you are running Windows NT 3.51, select Run from the File menu. - Enter the appropriate drive letter (and path) followed by install.exe. For example, a:install.exe. - Choose WS_FTP LE Uninstall, when asked. - Follow the on-screen instructions. Year 2000 Compliance ==================== WS_FTP LE 5.05 is Year 2000 compliant, meaning that neither performance nor functionality are affected by dates prior to, during, and after the year 2000. For more detailed information see the following pages on our web site: WS_FTP LE Description ===================== WS_FTP LE is a Windows-based file transfer client application that transfers files between a userís local PC and another, remote computer system connected via a modem and telephone lines or by a local-area network. With WS_FTP LE, users can connect to any remote system that has a valid Internet address and an FTP server program, browse through directories and files, and transfer files between the two systems. In addition, users can create, change, and remove directories and view, execute, rename, or delete files. WS_FTP LE complies with the Windows sockets (Winsock) standard, allowing you to transfer files between a wide variety of systems, including Windows, OS/2, and UNIX systems. For more information... ======================= On Classic - Download the WS_FTP Pro User's Guide (.pdf file) from the Ipswitch Web site: - Note: You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the .pdf file. You can also download the Acrobat Reader from the same location on our Web site. On Classic, see online Help for each tool. On WS_FTP Pro, visit our Web site: On WS_FTP Server, a separately purchased product, see the Ipswitch Product Catalog or visit our web site. On WS_FTP Pro Development Kit, a separately purchased product, see the Ipswitch Product Catalog or visit our web site. LE Version 5.06 changes ======================= WS_FTP LE - Y2K corrections for non-compliant FTP servers (5.06) - improved global flags setting to correct problems with firewall handling - added default transfer mode to session parameters - prompt for overwrite and preserve file date and time - auto reget - modified VMS_MULTINET support - modified VMS_UCX support (5.06) - modified TANDEM support - modified OS/9 support (5.06) - UNIX host type changes for european sites - Improved firewall support - Now automatically detects the following host types: AMOS TCP/IP, VxWorks, and GCOS 6 HVS AIX - Includes Unisys A-Series host type LE Version 5.07 changes ======================= - IBM MVS changes LE Version 5.08 changes ======================= - AS/400 changes